Start Aug 31, 2017
End Sep 28, 2017


IwToken wants to deploy ATMs all around the world, in capital cities first, and later in different strategic cities, allowing everybody to access them, this ATMs are intended to be beneficial for the user, specially for less developed countries like the Southern Americans, where buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is hard for the user, allowing everybody an easy option to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Our IwToken also plans to create their own debit card, the integrative card, which will be connected to each users wallet, easy to configure from the wallet software, allowing an user to spend the desired cryptocurrency when making a payment with it. This product would allow to integrate cryptocurrencies to the everyday life of the user, making it easy for one to buy a desired coin/token, spend their cryptocurrencies as they want to, or even control your holdings from your phone.

Tokens generation cap

100.000.000 IWT

Available for sale:
45.000.000 IWT

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