Start Aug 26, 2017
End Sep 01, 2017


Genevieve & Cie is bringing cryptocurrency to small businesses and their communities in the form of Gx Coins, a currency that better fits their specific needs.

Gx bridges the gap between complex crytocurrency systems and small business owners interested in using FinTech to increase funding, accept new forms of payment, expand their customer base and avoid lengthy transaction processes, fees interest and commission associated with traditional banking and payment systems.

With Gx Coin, the community shares resources, knowledge, ideas, and provides real-time feedback to participating businesses. This decentralization empowers businesses to be more active and aware, facilitating contributions directly to the local economy and empowering anyone to own part of these small businesses.

Tokens generation cap

10,000,000 Gx

Tokens exchange

1 GXC = $1



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