Start May 20, 2017
End Jul 01, 2017


The first encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain.
Crypviser is a disruptive, encrypted all-in-one network for social and business communication based on Blockchain technology.
The unbeatable security model of Crypviser is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of cryptography for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of data, including instant chats,voice and video calls, group calls (voice conferences) and more.

Crypviser simplifies and introduces a wide range of encrypted products for the B2C and B2B markets, which up until now were only available to the biggest corporations, financial institutes, governments and secret services.
Crypviser is secure solution for confidential interactions.


Holders: Ronald Kramer (Bitshares foundation), Ronny Boesing (OpenLedger APS)


25% 20 27 MAY 2017

20% 28 MAI 03 JUNE 2017

15% 04 - 10 JUNE 2017

10% 11 17 JUNE 2017

5% 18 30 JUNE 2017

Token Sales

The initial exchange rate of CVCoin is related to the base monthly subscription of Crypviser Network and equal 0,99 EUR for 1 CVCoin.

Within the Crypviser Network the exchange rate of 1 CVC always will be not less than 0,99 EUR, regardless the public market price

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