Start Jun 01, 2017
End Jun 30, 2017


SPHRE is pursuing the development of more secure online services by applying new insights and developments in application design and methodology. Their project pipeline is centered around improving upon the legacy systems that are overdue for an overhaul.

Tokens distribution

Total XID token supply: 55 millions
Total Crowdsale supply: 50 millions
Of them:
- Product development: 90%
- Founders: 2,5%
- Development Bounties: 6,5%
- Community Bounties: 1%


For the first 12,500,000 XID tokens price will be: 1 XID token = 0.00007125 BTC
From 12,500,000 to 27,500,000 XID token price will be: 1 XID token = 0.000008075 BTC
From 27,500,000 to 50,000,000 XID token price will be: 1 XID token = 0.00009501 BTC


Multisig: Daren Seymour (Director, SPHRE), Fran Strajnar (CEO, BRAVENEWCOIN) and Patrick Dugan (Director, OMNI Foundation)

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