Start Jun 26, 2017
End Jun 28, 2017


adChain is a set of interoperable open protocols built on the public Ethereum blockchain that serve the needs of the $175 billion digital advertising ecosystem. The first protocol under development is the adChain Registry, a decentralized whitelist of non-fraudulent publisher domain names. Other protocols for creative registration and verification, impression tracking, and malware detection, will be added in the future.

Token generations

1,000,000,000 ADT will be created prior to the adChain

Tokens distribution

500,000,000 ADT: distributed in a token sale with a cap of $10 million sold
200,000,000 ADT: reserved for MetaX
200,000,000 ADT: reserved for ConsenSys
100,000,000 ADT: sold to fund development via multiple pre-sale agreements

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