21 Million

Start Jun 12, 2017
End Jun 28, 2017

21 Million

Crypto funded Indy Film production to make a TV series about Bitcoin Revolution called 21Million. Sitting on the public Ethereum network 21Million is an open, fair, gender equal production that allows fans to become investors. Where investors can have a say in the developing the story and where each holder of a 21MCoin has a contractual entitlement to receive income for Royalties for sale of TV series content.


21MCoin held in 2 of 3 Multi-sig Escrow. Myself Nick Ayton, TokenMarket CTO and Ramparts Law firm.

Tokens distribution

75,000,000 &%Million tokens in total. 50% at crowdsale 37,500,000, 29% tokens for cast, crew and bounty program. 20% retained by management.


Pre ICO starts 1st June until midnight 10th June. 40% bonus/discount minimum pre ICO amount 50ETH

Early bird ranges: 0 - $2m 25%; $2m - $4m 10%; $4m to $6m 5%; $6m $1.00 = 1*21MCoin.

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