Start Jun 22, 2017
End Jun 25, 2017


Funfairís token, FUN, is the currency of this new ecosystem. It is the fundamental method of interaction with FunFair smart contracts, ensuring every participant is rewarded for their contribution.

Users will buy FUN tokens as the chips in FunFairís online casinos. Game developers will get paid in FUN. Casino licensees will finance their operation solely with FUN, and affiliates who bring in new players will be paid in FUN. Platform service fees such as Random Number Generation will be paid in FUN, and then burnt.

Participate in our upcoming token creation event and youíll join us on the FunFair ride of your life, as we revolutionise the world of online gaming.

Tokens distribution

Founder Stake: 37.5%
Advisor Stake: 2.5%

Token sales

FUN Soft Cap: 5 billion (5,000,000,000)

Price: 100 FUN/USD

Bonus Period: Up to 150 FUN/U

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