Start May 24, 2017
End Jun 25, 2017


MaskNetwork is a peer to peer decentralized social trading network where traders and bloggers are rewarded for the content they create. MaskNetwork pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work. The network can be accessed over the web so you don't have to download anything to start using it. We think the best way to learn more about MaskNetwork is to use one of the available web nodes.


Integrated Escrow System

Over an anonymous soacial network as MaskNetwork, there will always be cases of fraud in which paid products never reach the destination, especially since any payment is irreversible. For this reason we have integrated an escrow system across the network. When sending funds to an address, you can specify a different address as escrower.

Tokens generation

Only 500,000 MaskCoins are available for sale at 10 different price levels. After every 50.000 coins sold, the price increases by $0.1. The maximum price for a coin is $1. We only accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or STEEM as a payment method. After the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing a public / private key pair that will allow you to access your coins once the network is officially launched. The official launch was set for July, 1, 2017. Read the white paper for more information.

Level 4 - $0.4

Level 5 - $0.5

Level 6 - $0.6

Level 7 - $0.7

Level 8 - $0.8

Level 9 - $0.9

Level 10 - $1

Tokens distribution

No more than 21.000.000 MaskCoins will ever be created.

- 500.00 coins are reserved for ICO

- Developers will receive 100.000 coins

- 10.000 coins are allocated to bounty campain (25.000 coins were sold during 2016 pre-sale)

- The rest of 20.365.000 coins (97%) will be slowly distributed by the network, to traders or content creators, to reward their effort and time.

In the event that not all of the coins allocated for investment are sold during the ICO, 100% of the remaining unsold coins will be allocated to developers.

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