Start May 31, 2017
End Jun 03, 2017


Free and easy way to store and manage your health information and get the best answer to any healthcare question.

Patientory is the leading provider of blockchain solutions for healthcare. The companys mission is to drive population health management by securely assisting healthcare organizations store and transmit data via blockchain cybersecurity and smart contracts, while enabling physician coordinated care enhanced by social media inspired peer to peer patient engagement.


20% bonus the first 10 days

10% bonus the next 10 days

0% after that

Expected to raise

Minimum objective: 5.000 ETH

Maximum $9.1M USD.

Tokens distribution

Max PTOY total supply: 100.000.000 PTOY

Max PTOY sold by crowdsale: 70.000.000 PTOY

Min PTOY sold by crowdsale: 2.295.000 PTOY

All unsold tokens will be burned

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