Start May 05, 2017
End Jun 02, 2017


Embermine is a smart contract platform designed to empower users in all of their projects by guaranteeing proper revenue and royalty share between all collaborators.

Tokens distribution

Cap: 100,000,000 EMB tokens

1000 EMB = 1 ETH

- 85% for Crowdsale purchasers

- 6% for Embermine founders, employees, advisors and early supporters distributed to a time locked vault that prohibits EMB transfers for 180 days

- 5% for marketing and promotion distributed to the Embermine multisig wallet

- 4% for bug bounty program distributed to the Embermine multisig wallet

Expected to raise

Minimum ETH threshold: 5,000 ETH


Day 1 Bonus 10%: 1100 EMB per ETH

Pre-Order ICO Bonus 20%: 1200 EMB per ETH


Escrow services provided by Coinfirm.Io in a multi-sig wallet with Mikko Ohtamma of TokenMarket and James Drake of Embermine, Inc.

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