Start Nov 27, 2017
End Feb 28, 2017


Bankera is in position to offer competitive foreign currency exchange rates, quick and cost effective international bank wires as well as having the Bankera Payment Card linked to cardholders payment account. Bankera is building a digital bank to last, therefore, the focus will be on the scale, elimination of counterparties and offering core banking services such as savings and loans accounts. To achieve these goals, Bankera will apply for additional banking licenses in key jurisdictions to be able to operate in a spectrum of different fiat currencies and facilitate cross-border transactions without the need for counterparties.

Bankera also plans to be a member of key financial networks, such as achieving issuer and acquirer status with major payment card schemes as well as becoming a participant in payment networks such as SEPA in EU, Faster Payments in the United Kingdom and EFT in Canada. In addition to traditional


BTC, ETH, DASH, NEM, ERC20 compliant tokens and others

Tokens exchange

1 BNK = 0.01 EUR

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