Investors Reduce Risk in Cryptocurrency Market Using Global Spy

In the recent times, the cryptocurrency market has exponentially grown and has led to the creation of many cryptocurrencies that later collapsed without a mere explanation to its investors. It is a field that without a doubt has continued to grow tremendously, and more and more people are creating their digital coin for the trade. It is estimated that 90% of the launched coins collapsed within the next six months.

Investing in cryptocurrencies can lucrative, but if an investor is not careful, one might end up losing their hard-earned money. Challenges for investors arise when there is limited, sketchy or no information about the company the cryptocurrency and what it offers. This makes it impossible for many investors to ascertain the authenticity of the venture. In general, it is paramount to conduct detailed research on the company in question and the assessing the genuineness of the investment, way before putting in the money to invest in the particular digital coin.

The Global Spy Approach

Global Spy recognized that there is an industry problem and came up with a solution to solve these problems by combing blockchain technology and professional business research. So how does the Global Spy work? Investors can register on the Global Spy blockchain and create an account. They can then purchase Global Spy tokens from any of the major exchanges around the world.

An investor can request for research on a specific cryptocurrency, ICO or cryptocurrency security by paying using Spy tokens. The dedicated Global Spy team will perform thorough research to ensure they are informed when deciding to invest. Global Spy goes further by allowing investors to earn half of the amount that others pay for the same research. This provides the incentive to commission research on multiple cryptocurrencies because it can earn the investor revenue in future.

Benefits of Global Spy

Global Spy provides accurate, well researched and quality information of a particular coin, its initial coin offer, the background of the company, team members and inside scoop of what the coin fails to tell its investors. It provides a shied from making unduly investments. This information allows investors to make informed investment decisions.
Fast, dependable and trustworthy service
The unique feature of Global Spy coin is the ability to offer fast, dependable and trustworthy state of the research using the best tools and investigators to ensure the ultimate needs of its client are unquestionably met. Sometimes we even make physical visits at the request of clients depending on how thorough they want the research to be.
An earning opportunity
Before Global Spy, there was no way an investor can make money using research they commissioned from experts. However, investors can now earn Spy tokens when others use research they already had conducted. In some cases, investors will make double to four times the original cost of the research.
Increasing knowledge base
As more investors commission research, the Global Spy database will continue improving. Soon, it will be the most comprehensive database for cryptocurrency assets in the industry. At this point, the Spy token value will appreciate benefiting the early adopters.

Global Spy is an industry first service providing. The vision is to ensure that investors can make informed decisions reducing the number of scams and fraud in the industry. This is possible using the Global Spy platform.

You can be one of the first people to acquire Spy tokens by taking part in the ICO starting on 15th March 2018. The earlier you invest the better the discounts you get. Investors will get a 20 percent bonus in the first week and a 10 percent bonus in the second week. However, from the 29th there will be no more bonuses. Join the whitelist here to make sure you are notified as soon as the ICO is launched.

The ICO price will be 1 ETH for 5000 spy tokens and any purchases over 5.5 ETH will be subject to KYC. However, you can rest assured you will be able to get enough tokens since the hard cap is at 150 million spy tokens. Join the revolution by contacting our customer representatives on any of the following official pages.


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